Schimera also has a variety of its own products and applications for sale and free to download from app stores.

WebDAV Nav Icon

WebDAV Navigator

WebDAV Nav allows you to download, store and edit your files.  The app allows users of local servers or Network Attached Storage to have better control over files. Available in the iOS App Store and Google Play App Store. 

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Click Counter

Free iOS application which is a basic tally counter for keeping track when counting. You can also plot results on a graph. Available in the iOS App Store.


WebDav Nav server

WebDAV Nav Server

WebDAVNav Server is a free basic WebDAV server which can be used to quickly share files and folders from your Mac with other computers, mobile devices and apps, including WebDAV Navigator. Available in the iOS App Store.


Talking Clock

Talking Clock

Free iOS application. Shake device to tell the current time and type any words to repeat. Available in the iOS app store.